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One Deep Thought For Bad Times

Below snippet is from one of Paul Tudor Jones's interviews. Read it slowly and over & over again to grasp the deep thought that he has talked about.

What Paul here is essentially talking about is that no matter how much we as market participants know about markets or stocks or how experienced we are, markets will always be a game full of inconsistencies, no set rules and ups & downs. It is essentially a game that has many gaps.

And as he highlighted above, there will always be times when we will question our process and frameworks; as to if our process & frameworks even works or in some cases even the very existence of it.

And as Paul mentions, there is no work around this. It is something we have to accept and make peace with. And this is something coming from a legend who has been in the markets for more than 40 years and trust me he has seen & experienced it all.

Reading this thought again & again has always helped us in times of uncertainty and low confidence.


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