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Pays for itself by Improving Your Investment Outcomes

We provide not just research, But Actionable Research

  • Annual Subscription

    Valid for 12 months
    • 15-20 Stock Ideas
    • Comprehensive Research Reports
    • Regular Updates
    • Knowledge Base
    • Newsletters/Concalls
  • 3-Year Subscription

    Valid for 36 months
    • 15-20 Stock Ideas
    • Comprehensive Research Reports
    • Regular Updates
    • Knowledge Base
    • Newsletters/Concalls
  • What kind of inputs do we provide to our subscribers in-order to assist them in their investing journey?
    Straight out of the box, subscribers will get access to our dashboard which contains the list of active stock recommendations of 15-20 stocks (subject to market environment) This list of stock recommendations is supported by; BUY/HOLD/EXIT ratings indicating the stance recommended for individual stocks Comprehensive research which includes the initiation report, regular updates and exit notes Conviction Ratings, which is an additional actionable input over & above BUY/HOLD/EXIT ratings that reflects our risk:reward expectations on the respective stock We also hold quarterly concalls with our subscribers wherein we further discuss our stock idea’s performance, share new learnings, talk about market outlook and address queries of subscribers. Supplementing all this is our Knowledge Base, which acts a bridge to share insights, learnings, research and outlook over & above what is covered though stock recommendations & concalls.
  • How many stocks will we recommend and how frequently will they change?
    The number of stocks at any given moment (BUY+HOLD) can vary between 15-20 stocks depending on the overall need for diversification or concentration based on market environment. On the frequency, one should not expect new ideas at fixed intervals like a month or quarter. We would be very happy holding onto existing stocks as long as they are delivering. Frequency of new stock ideas would depend primarily on availability of better opportunities than what we already have. There could be times when there is hardly any change and there could be times when there are many changes.
  • How will we look to communicate with our subscribers & how often?
    We enable all our communications over the emails registered by you with us and thus a subscriber should monitor his/her email regularly for updates. In the future, we might look to enable additional mediums of communications if needed. In terms of frequency & timings of communications; any additions or changes in stock ideas or ratings is communicated in real-time as & when an action is required, followed by a report/update indicating the rational for the action taken. Communications with respect to other things like result updates, knowledge base, concalls etc are done as & when they are made available on our platform.
  • Do we provide access to past recommendations & research?
    Yes, once you are a subscriber, you have access to all the past stock ideas, research, knowledge base and concalls.
  • How to you measure performance and maintain transparency?
    Subscribers will have access to a performance table that contains a list of all our recommendations since inception and indicates the performance of each recommendation based on the recommended entry & exit prices of individual stocks.
  • Do we provide one-to-one assistance or tailored research?
    No, we are a SEBI Registered Research Analyst and our scope only includes sharing our research on a fair & equitable basis to all our clients. Plus, one-to-one assistance/research is not practically possible.
  • Do we guarantee returns or provide price targets?
    No, equity as an asset class is inherently risky & volatile and does not provide stable or assured returns. Further, we do not provide any price targets.
  • Can I get refund after I Subscribe?
    As a policy we do not offer refunds given that as soon as you become paid subscriber, you get access to all our research.
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